M. Sc. International Economics

The M.Sc. in International Economics program builds upon the strength of our faculty in international economics. You are intrigued by the debate about the benefits and threats from economic globalization?  You think that...


M. Sc. Economics

You have a good Bachelor’s degree in Economics or any related field? You want to deepen your understanding of Economics without necessarily focusing on either International Economics or Finance? Then, this is the program for you.


M. Sc. International Business

Businesses have to be prepared for the growing economic areas and so have the managers running these businesses. The Tübingen School of Business and Economics will prepare the business leaders of tomorrow for the challenge of...


Developments in Global Sourcing: New book by Wilhelm Kohler and Erdal Yalcin (eds.)

Recent decades have seen a fragmentation of production processes across borders, as firms find it increasingly profitable to organize production on a global scale. This fragmentation occurs across national borders as well as...


M. Sc. Management and Economics

You wish to follow up your studies with a Management focus based on game-theoretic concepts? The environment in which firms, consumers and governments act today calls for a systematic analysis of strategic interaction,...


M. Sc. European Management

After successfully finishing your Bachelor with an European perspective, you think that pursuing the European idea is only possible if you actively live it? Then, this program gives you the chance to do so.


Mit insgesamt 3.000,- Euro dotierter bdvb BEST Economic Thesis Award ausgeschrieben

Bewerben können sich Studierende, die im Zeitraum 15.09.2017 bis 15.09.2018 an einer Universität in Baden-Württemberg eine Masterarbeit in BWL, VWL oder angrenzenden Fachgebieten eingereicht und bestanden haben.


Campus Info

Studentische/Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit

am Lehrstuhl für Betriebswirtschaftslehre, insb. Internationale Rechnungslegung und Wirtschaftsprüfung


Neue Hochschulgruppe Écondébat - L'économie en débat

Erstes Treffen im Sommersemester am 19. April 2016.

Treffer 21 bis 25 von 25