• OECD Online Statistical Data Base available to all students
    Our university owns a very comfortable license for access to SourceOECD, an online platform for a vast array of documents (books, publications) and statistics. If you are working with a University of Tuebingen IP-number (i.e., if you are using some campus internet access point), then you will be able to access SourceOECD and OECDStat. We urge all students to make heavy use of these privileges!
  • The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics available to all students
    Our main library holds the 3rd edition (2018) e-book version as well as the 2nd print edition of the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. The New Palgrave Dictionary is a very valuable collection of authoritative essays on important concepts/terms/models etc. in economics. We should like to encourage students to make use of this service.

Letters of recommendation

We are willing to provide letters of recommendation in support of student applications for studies abroad, scholarships, and master and PhD programs. However, we do so only for students who took at least two of our courses.


  1. Please hand in your request for a letter of recommendation at least 4 weeks prior to your deadline. Requests that are submitted later cannot be accepted.
  2. Submit all your material in one e-mail.
  3. If you need a letter of recommendation for the "Dezernat für Internationale Angelegenheiten", please fill in your personal data and the desired location in the "Gutachen Neues Formular", see here.
  4. Please provide us the following information:
    • Field of study
    • Courses you took with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kohler and team, in which semester, grade achieved
    • All grades achieved so far (Transcript)
    • ECTS-weighted overall average grade
    • Desired location abroad/foundation/master or PhD program
    • Reason you want to apply there (including the program's specialization in case of master and PhD studies)
    • Recipient of letter of recommendation, including postal or e-mail address as required
    • Deadline for letter of recommendation
    • Curriculum vitae, including extracurricular activities

Please send the e-mail to christina.karsch[at] We will complete your letter of recommendation. If you have to send the letter of recommendation yourself, you will be notified when it is ready to be picked up at the chair.