Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft

Research Seminar in Economics

Program of the Winter Term 2019/20

Tuesday 02:15 pm, in Gebhard-Müller-Saal, Nauklerstr. 47, Tübingen

Oct 22 Davide Sala, University of Passau
Managers as Knowledge Carriers – Explaining Firms’ Internationalization Success with Manager Mobility
Oct 29 Emily J. Blanchard, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth
Global Value Chains and Trade Policy
Nov 05 Thomas Hintermaier, University of Bonn
Differences in Euro-Area Household Finances and their Relevance for Monetary-Policy Transmission
Nov 12 Dominik Grafenhofer, Deutsche Telekom, Data Science
Observing Actions in Bayesian Games
Nov 19

Georg Gebhardt, Ulm University
Are business start-ups liquidity constrained? Evidence from a quasi-experimental allocation of housing wealth in East Germany

Dec 03 Johannes Wohlfart, University of Copenhagen
Beliefs about the Stock Market and Stock Investment: Evidence from a Field Experiment
Jan 14 Matthias Meier, University of Mannheim
Monetary Policy, Markup Dispersion, and Aggregate TFP

Jan 21

Erdal Yalcin, HTWG Konstanz
Different Anti-Dumping Legislations Within the WTO: What Can We Learn from China's Varying Market Economy Status?
Jan 28 Hylke Vandenbussche, KU Leuven
Input Reallocation within Multi-product Firms
Feb 04

Céline Poilly, Aix-Marseille Université
Government Spending Uncertainty and Credit Frictions